Tuesday, 11 July 2017

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Hi, hope you read my earlier post about the brilliant offer for joining Stampin' Up!

I thought I'd follow up in my recruitment campaign by highlighting some of the best things (in my opinion) about being an Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  Firstly, I'm always recruiting, never aggressively I just always want to welcome people to my team, however this latest offer is so fantastic that I had to shout about it!

So, here is my top ten list of why it's the best thing EVER to be a demonstrator:

1)  The best products at a discount!
2)  A great compensation programme that keeps on giving you rewards.
3)  Endless inspiration to create
4)  True independence to do it your way... but...
5)  A sharing community that supports you to copy their ideas
6)  Opportunities to travel and meet other Demonstrators and Stampin' Up! employees
7)  Products that are totally co-ordinated and no need search elsewhere
8)  SO many new friends and lasting friendships
9)  Great support from everyone, not just your team members
10)  Access to new products before they are on the market

I haven't even mentioned the fabulous quarterly magazine with inspiration and tips, a superb website that is populated by Stampin' Up! and requires nothing but a small monthly fee to be personalised for you, the training events, the weekly e-newsletter or the fun you can have!

The most common questions I get asked or sometimes the most common myths I hear are:

Q) Do I need to make a lot of sales to be a demonstrator?
A) NO!  you actually don't need to make a single sale be BECOME a demonstrator, you can sign up today and receive £240 worth of kit for an initial outlay of just £99.  At that time you will have signed an agreement but you don't need to stay a demonstrator ... of course I would encourage you to stay a demonstrator so you can keep receiving the benefits listed above...
If you decide that you can't make sales then you will simply 'drop' or no longer remain an active demonstrator.
If you do want to stay an active demonstrator then you need to make sales of £270 per quarter (£90 per month).  This can be done all at once or little by little over the quarter.  When you first join you actually get 6 months to make your first quarter.    Your orders can be from yourself or from friends and relations or from people you promote your business to.
There are many sales 'models' whether they are parties, handing out catalogues to friends and colleagues, craft fairs, classes or all of the above.

Q)  Do I have to recruit other demonstrators?
A) NO, but if you did then you would get extra team commission.. a perk.

Myth... "I'm rubbish at designing stuff, I could never do what you do"
This is a self-limiting belief - I rarely come up with totally unique designs of my own. Mostly because I'm a busy person and just don't have time.  I use a number of resources to decide projects that I make or teach in my classes; firstly the Stampin' Up! catalogues are a wealth of creative inspiration, then there are the other Demonstrators who freely share ideas on-line, Pinterest is the best thing since sliced bread for finding ideas and there is no such thing as stealing!  If it's been put out there then it's available to copy.

Myth... "I can't run classes or parties, no-one would come"
If you believe you can't then you won't... I have had extremely busy classes with not much room to move and also really quiet classes with just 3 or 4 people, it all depends on whether people have a slot in their diary to come.  Believe in yourself, book the venue and advertise it (or even host round your own dining table to start with) and then if people want to get creative they will come.  As your 'upline' or team leader I will support you all the way with ideas and motivation to make your dreams work.

Myth... "I'm hopeless at selling, I couldn't do that"
Stampin' Up! products are so fabulous that they sell themselves.  If you know other crafters who enjoy using products that are right on trend and excellent quality then just show them a catalogue and a few projects that you've made and they will want to buy.

I hope this short blog has enticed you enough to be more than curious.  I would love to chat in person (if you know me than you know I'm good at this!) about being a demonstrator and answer any questions you might have, never any pressure or obligation.  So, contact me today.

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